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Công ty tư vấn du học Future Gateway: Địa chỉ: 623E Poythress St, Hopewell, Virginia 23860 ĐT: (804) 300 9333; Viber: (+84) 903 740105; ĐDVN: (+84) 985 631 692

About us

Studying America has long become the first choice of international students in general and Vietnam in particular by the advanced education program in the world ranks.

Desire and help relatives in Vietnam as children, grandchildren and friends have the opportunity to study in the US is also a large demand of Vietnam Overseas Koreans living and working across the US states.

However, the selection of a reputable consultancy units, responsibility and moral center to support student records for students in Vietnam is also a major concern of Vietnam Overseas. Stemming from this practice, an Education Company Future Gateway headquartered in Virginia was founded with the mission of the gateway opens opportunities for students in Vietnam access to education in the United States and reap brilliant much success in the future. Future Gateway Consultancy (FGC) is a unit:

          - Receive all the needs of expatriates studying Vietnam across the US State and pupils and students in Vietnam

          - Advising school choice , choose a subject fit

          - Consult US visa procedures ( Yes offices and staff representatives at TP . HCM ) .

          - Special support financial demonstrate

          - Coordination of scholarship programs in the US

FGC is partnered with Colleges , Universities across the United States from California , Washington , Virginia , Atlanta , Kentucky , Chicago ... Besides being a staff experienced in the field of education , student counseling and the excellent staff have been attending programs and master's PhD programs in the US according to the US government scholarship and Europe .

FGC strongly with student counseling service professional , reputable and dedicated as the name is the gateway to bring success in the future for students , student home country.


Jessica Felhauer

Phone : (804) 9313018

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