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Công ty tư vấn du học Future Gateway: Địa chỉ: 623E Poythress St, Hopewell, Virginia 23860 ĐT: (804) 300 9333; Viber: (+84) 903 740105; ĐDVN: (+84) 985 631 692

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Overseas- study in the USA has been one of the first choices of International students in general and Vietnamese ones in particular because of its first- grade advanced education. On such the tendency our Future Gateway Company wishes to help Vietnamese nationals throughout the USA who want to help their relatives and friends in Vietnam with a chance of overseas-study. Otherwise, how to choose a prestigious and reliable oversea-study consultancy company with passion and efficiency is another concern for them. From this reality, Future Gateway Services with its Head Office in Virginia was founded with its great mission to open a gate to the new world for Vietnamese students to access US education for their great achievements and bright future.

Future Gateway Services (FGS) is a unit that:

Accept all the requirements of overseas-study sent from all Vietnamese nationals throughout the USA and Vietnam about any potential high- school students or university students for US schools. We provide personalized service to every student. We listen to your needs with our hearts, analyze your situation in detail and give our honest and feasible advice. With us, you can be assured that you are making sound decisions.

-  Give advice on school choice and majors, etc.

-  Give advice on applying for a Visa (there are agents in our representative office in HCM City)

-  Assist students in showing proof of funds if necessary.

-  Coordinate scholarship-granting programs in the USA.

We are official representatives of several world-class colleges and universities within the USA from California, Washington, Virginia, Atlanta, Kentucky, Chicago, etc. In addition, FGC is run by a team of professional education consultants who have many years experience in the field of education, overseas-study consultancy, and some of excellent staff have attended post-graduation for Master of Arts or Ph.D. of Sciences on the scholarship programs given by the US and European governments.

FGS is strong with professional consultancy service, prestige and commitment like its name “Future Gateway”, so it will sure give the bright future to foreign students after their overseas-study.

We wish you every success with your future studies!

Yours sincerely,

Mr Joseph H. Felhauer


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Du học Mỹ từ lâu đã trở thành lựa chọn hàng đầu của sinh viên Quốc tế nói chung và Việt Nam nói riêng bởi các chương trình Giáo dục tiên tiến bậc nhất thế giới. Mong muốn và giúp đỡ thân nhân tại Việt Nam là con, cháu, bạn bè có cơ hội du học tại Mỹ cũng là nhu cầu đông đảo của Kiều bào Việt Nam đang sống và làm việc trên khắp các bang của Mỹ

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